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Agri Mech Hub coming to northern Uganda.

Agri Mech Hub coming to northern Uganda.

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The Northern Uganda Tractor Owners, Operators, and Mechanics and Farmers Saccos (Nutofa) have announced plans to establish the region’s first Agricultural Mechanization Hub.

The Mechanization Hub, slated to be a one-stop-center within Gulu City, aims to provide farmers with efficient and affordable tractor services.

Acac Robert Okok, Chairman of Nutofa Sacco expressed their intention to expand the Agriculture Mechanization Center to other cities, including Arua and parts of Karamoja, creating linkages with sub-counties and selected parishes in Northern Uganda.

The key features of the Agriculture Mechanization Hub include:

  1. Tractor access: The center will feature two tractors available for hire at a reduced cost. This initiative seeks to address the challenge faced by farmers in accessing tractors for their agricultural activities.
  2. Land allocation: Nutofa has secured 3,000 acres of land in Lakang, where the hub will be established. This strategic move ensures ample space for the center’s operations, promoting convenience for local farmers.
  3. Expansion plans: The Sacco plans to replicate the hub model in other cities, fortifying its commitment to enhancing agricultural mechanization across Northern Uganda.
  4. Partnership with engineering solutions: Nutofa has joined forces with Engineering Solutions to offer farmers affordable opportunities to purchase tractors. Charles Uhuru, Marketing Manager at Engineering Solutions, emphasized their dedication to simplifying farmers’ lives through accessible tractor sales and hire services.

Farmers expressed optimism, having already secured 10 acres of land for the hub. The positive impact that the hub would have on agricultural production which includes addressing previous challenges faced by farmers in accessing tractors for hire was highlighted.

With over 70 percent of residents engaged in agricultural practices, the Agricultural Mechanization Hub is poised to revolutionize farming practices and contribute to the region’s sustainable development.

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