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Airtel unveils first 5G home device

Airtel unveils first 5G home device

Denis Kahindi, Airtel Uganda Home Broadband director unveils the 5G Home device (Courtesy photo)

Airtel Uganda has launched the first-ever 5G Home Broadband Device, promising to revolutionize connectivity across the country.

Priced at UGshs. 250,000, this cutting-edge device can accommodate up to 64 users, providing seamless connectivity for both personal and business use.

The introduction of this 5G Home Broadband Device comes at a crucial time when the demand for home internet has surged, largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown period witnessed an increased need for reliable home internet for activities such as remote work, online studies, and online businesses.

Denis Kahindi, Airtel Uganda Home Broadband director, expressed excitement about this milestone, stating that the 5G HBB device will empower Airtel’s customers to confidently embrace the digital future, enhancing their lifestyles and providing peace of mind. He highlighted the versatility of the device, enabling real-time monitoring of businesses, enhancing home security, and facilitating various online activities.

The device offers fast downloads, real-time video streaming with no buffering, and a seamless experience for online gaming.

To complement the device, Airtel Uganda offers monthly data plans that users can subscribe to after the initial purchase. This strategic move aligns with the growing trend of internet usage, as highlighted in the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Q3 report, which reported a significant 9.2 million GB growth in internet traffic.

Airtel Uganda previously made headlines in August as the first network to pioneer the 5G setup in the region. Building on that achievement, the introduction of the 5G Home Broadband sets new standards in connectivity, providing higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, increased reliability, massive network capacity, and an improved user experience.

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