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President Museveni at Kololo

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Cause Socio-Economic Transformation of citizens, Museveni Tells MPs

Cause Socio-Economic Transformation of citizens, Museveni Tells MPs


Kampala: President Museveni has reminded the Members of Parliament and other leaders in the country that they are the ones who must cause the highly desired socio-economic transformation in Uganda.

“We are the ones to cause socio-economic transformation. You the MPs should take more time with the people. Talk and let them also talk to you; disdain what is holding them back. I’m also going to be involved because I’m going to tour two zones in Uganda per month. I have succeeded in the cattle corridor with dairy farming, I have succeeded with the 4-acre model, the oil palm in Kalangala, coffee in Masaka. So, we can succeed,” President Museveni said.

The President made the call today as he addressed the Parliament of Uganda on issues of National Importance at Kololo Independence Grounds.

He told the legislators that the purpose of the meeting was mainly to reaffirm the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government’s stand on the Parish Development Model and Emyooga as some of the drivers being emphasized to help Ugandans fight poverty and create wealth for themselves.

“When we came to the scene in the 1960s, we soon found out through analysis that Uganda’s economy can change through free Education for all and all family members getting involved in the money economy. We started with the cattle corridor and once we achieved that partial success of commercial dairy farming, in 1995, I went to the whole country lecturing Ugandans about the 4-acre model farming strategy and spreading the socio-economic transformation and wealth creation gospel,” H.E Museveni revealed.

“PDM comes under NRM’s principle number three of socio-economic transformation. Although it cannot survive without the remaining three of Patriotism, Pan Africanism, and Democracy,” H.E Museveni observed.

The President however cautioned leaders against mismanaging PDM and Emyooga funds, saying that whoever messes up with the programs will be dealt with accordingly.

“I have started touring the 18 zones of Uganda. I started with Acholi. Straight away, the wananchi told me about the parasite swindling the PDM and Emyooga funds and in case they tampered with the money, they will be the example to other flies. I have heard of a number of bad groups; they want to find ways of stealing the money. At least 90 percent of the parishes have created the SACCOs. We are sending Shs100m per parish, per anum,” Mr. Museveni said.

“In Gulu someone announced a meeting in the morning and by 2pm the beneficiaries had already been identified in an irregular way. A parish SACCO is for all members who want to engage in wealth creation, and they must join if they want. We are going to follow up on all these. These thieves are not clever, we shall get them all. I’m very proud that the NRM government promised and sent the money. Those who eat that money; it’s toxic, they will vomit it,” he added.

The President also disclosed why the government decided to change the mode of work when it comes to handling government development programs. He said prior, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) handled programs such as NAADS, but ordinary Ugandans used to complain that the army people were sidelining them and sharing resources among themselves, something which was creating a mistrust in the programs.

“Some of these programs like Entandiikwa were successful. However, I started picking complaints that they only shared among themselves. PDM and Emyooga must work because in the past they were blaming NAADs that the army people share the resources among themselves, now beneficiaries must manage their affairs. Hence the need for stakeholders like farmers, artisans to form SACCOs for PDM and Emyooga,” Gen. Museveni explained.

“Don’t talk about changing mode. This is their money. We must just advise them on how to run their SACCOs. If the money is not used this year. Let us keep it, so that the funds build up. Don’t divert it but keep it. Don’t talk of taking it back. If they learn to use it, even you leaders will have less problems with them. People need simple sensitization not bureaucracy. We don’t want these people who are running around doing nothing. We need people who are able to convince them.”

On the issue of homosexuality, President Museveni reiterated Uganda’s stand against the vice, saying the West should stop imposing their culture on Africans.

“We shall get time and discuss the matter thoroughly. Homosexuality is a deviation from normal. Why? Is it by nature or by nurture? We need a medical opinion on that. Western countries should stop imposing and wasting time of humanity by imposing their culture on others. Sex in Uganda and other parts of Africa is confidential. How do we come to know that you are homosexual unless you publicize it,” he noted.

During the same address, President Museveni ordered the State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye to send Shs5 Million to each of the families of the four students of Kasaka Senior Secondary School who were killed by a Sino Truck lorry that rammed into a classroom block on Tuesday.

He also directed her to give Shs1 million to each of the 14 students who were injured and now nursing wounds at Gomba Hospital.

“The Prime Minister and Attorney General should also get in touch with the owners of the lorry and make them compensate the families of the victims,” he added.

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