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Centenary wins ‘Best Bank 2023’ Award

Centenary wins ‘Best Bank 2023’ Award

Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank receives accolade (Courtesy photo)

In a resplendent ceremony held in conjunction with the IMF World Meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, Centenary Bank, the largest bank in Uganda, clinched the coveted title of “Best Bank 2023” at the esteemed 30th Global Finance Awards.

The Global Finance Awards, celebrated worldwide for acknowledging the remarkable achievements and contributions of financial institutions, have highlighted Centenary Bank’s exceptional performance and dedication to delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to its diverse customer base.

Among the factors that caught the attention of the esteemed panel of judges were the bank’s robust financial performance, impressive growth trajectory, and continued devotion to pioneering financial services.

Notably, Centenary Bank’s laudable track record in risk management, sustainable business practices, and corporate social responsibility were also spotlighted as distinguishing factors that set it apart in the fiercely competitive banking industry.

Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank, expressed her gratitude for the prestigious recognition, emphasizing the tireless efforts of the bank’s dedicated team and their commitment to customer financial well-being.

Lugalambi remarked, “This award is a testament to the tireless efforts of our team, our commitment to delivering superior banking services, and our unwavering focus on our customers’ financial well-being. We take pride in being a bank that prioritizes innovation and inclusivity, and this award further fuels our determination to continue on this path.”

Centenary Bank’s journey of four decades has been defined by transformative initiatives aimed at bolstering financial literacy, providing vital support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and investing in cutting-edge technology. These endeavors have not only solidified the bank’s position in the market but have also played a pivotal role in propelling the economic development of Uganda, making Centenary Bank a cornerstone of financial stability and growth in the nation.

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