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Cybersecurity summit to boost digital resilience

Cybersecurity summit to boost digital resilience

Panel discussion at the ongoing Regional Cybersecurity Summit held in Kampala Uganda (Courtesy photo)

In a bid to address the growing challenges of cybersecurity in an interconnected world, Uganda is hosting the Regional Cybersecurity Summit at the UCC House. The summit, spearheaded by Eng. Paul Odoi, a UCC Board Member, aims to foster dialogue on critical issues such as cybersecurity, protection of digital infrastructure, and the overall resilience of cyber systems.

Eng. Paul Odoi emphasized the significance of cybersecurity in Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap, which identifies five critical pillars essential for achieving the Digital Uganda Vision. Notably, Pillar 3 is dedicated to “Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy,” reflecting a commitment to ensuring the safety, security, and trustworthiness of digital services.

“The interconnected nature of our world calls for global collaboration to effectively deal with the challenges of cybersecurity in our countries. This Summit aims to foster dialogue about cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and cyber resilience,” highlighted Irene Kaggwa Ssewankambo, the UCC Executive Director.

One of the primary goals of the summit is to provide a platform for cybersecurity experts from the region and beyond to share experiences and best practices in readiness, resilience, and coordination. The focus is on safeguarding critical infrastructure and responding to emerging cybersecurity threats in accordance with international standards and obligations.

“While the growth in digital finance is welcome, this also broadens the scope for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities in the DFS ecosystem, potentially leading to financial and reputational loss and erosion of public confidence in these services,” warns Irene Kaggwa.

This emphasizes the dual challenge of embracing digital finance while simultaneously addressing the increased risks associated with cyber threats.

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