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Home ownership revolutionized in Uganda

Home ownership revolutionized in Uganda

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In a strategic move to address Uganda’s housing deficit, Housing Finance Bank has launched the “FUUKA DON” campaign, a salary loan initiative designed to boost home ownership among Ugandans. The campaign, spearheaded by Michael Mugabi, the Managing Director of Housing Finance Bank, seeks to provide mortgage loans exceeding shs400 million to eligible individuals.

Mugabi emphasized the campaign’s role in fostering financial sustainability during challenging economic times, positioning it as a cornerstone of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibilities. The initiative aims to empower individuals to realize their dreams of home ownership by offering responsible lending solutions.

The Managing Director also highlighted the campaign’s commitment to leveraging technology and enhancing customer experience. In a bid to streamline the loan application process, Housing Finance Bank aims to utilize modern tools, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for prospective homeowners.

John Baptist Kaweesi, Head of Mortgage and Consumer Banking at Housing Finance Bank, echoed Mugabi’s sentiments on prioritizing customer experience.

He emphasized the bank’s focus on technology-driven enhancements to the customer journey, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient process for obtaining salary loans under the FUUKA DON campaign.

The introduction of advanced technology is expected to play a pivotal role in making mortgage loans more accessible. Prospective homeowners can anticipate a seamless and transparent application process, aligning with Housing Finance Bank’s dedication to modernizing its services.

The “FUUKA DON” campaign comes at a time when the housing sector in Uganda faces a significant deficit, and this initiative is poised to make a substantial impact on addressing the issue. By exceeding the shs400 million threshold for mortgage loans, Housing Finance Bank aims to make home ownership a reality for a broader spectrum of the Ugandan population.

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