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Illegal post mortem fees.

Illegal post mortem fees.

The public ignorance is milked by many government hospitals who ask for money to carry out post mortems (Courtesy photo)

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has issued a stern warning to government hospitals, stating that it is illegal for them to charge fees for conducting post-mortem examinations.

Dr. Richard Kabanda, the Commissioner of Health Promotion, Education, and Communication at the Ministry of Health, emphasized that post-mortem examinations are mandatory and should be paid for by the government.

This directive aims to aid in the detection of infectious diseases.

Dr. Kabanda explained that post-mortem examinations are crucial to ascertaining the cause of death, and it is essential for all deceased individuals to undergo this procedure, regardless of whether they passed away at home.

Dr. Kabanda attributed such illegal practices by government officials to the public’s lack of awareness, which undermines the need for safety precautions.

The ministry there cites the need to raise awareness and prevent potential outbreaks by encouraging the timely reporting and examination of all deceased individuals.

This message was echoed during a five-day training workshop on public health risk communication organized by USAID.

The workshop aimed to equip participants, including public health communicators, journalists, and communications officers from various government departments, with the necessary skills to effectively communicate about emerging and re-emerging diseases in Uganda.

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