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Kingfisher oil drilling resumes

Kingfisher oil drilling resumes

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has given the green light for the resumption of oil drilling activities at the Kingfisher Development Area (KFDA). This decision comes following a temporary suspension of operations due to safety concerns.

Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, stated that the decision to resume operations was made after a thorough review of safety procedures and their implementation by all contractors and sub-contractors.

The safety protocols have been closely examined and aligned with the operator to enhance the overall Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) culture during operations.

The suspension of drilling activities was initiated after a tragic accident that occurred on October 6th. A security guard lost his life while opening the gate of a contractor’s camp in Buhuka, Kyangwali, in Kikuube district.

In response, the Petroleum Authority of Uganda took a cautious approach, directing the halt of field activities as a safety precaution.

The resumption of drilling activities comes with the implementation of additional preliminary safety measures and an overall strategy to improve contractor health, safety, and environmental management.

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda has expressed confidence that the agreed-upon procedures will effectively safeguard the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in the oil and gas operations.

Currently, progress at the Kingfisher Oil Development Field stands at 53%. Once completed, the Kingfisher oilfield is anticipated to produce 40,000 barrels per day at its peak production capacity.

This development is a positive step forward in Uganda’s oil industry, emphasizing the importance of rigorous safety standards in the pursuit of energy resources.

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