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Local Gov’ts to seek funding options.

Local Gov’ts to seek funding options.

Officials from the Ministry of Finance and local govt at the launch of the Local Government Public Private Partnerships (PPP)/Pooled Finance Guidelines (Courtesy photo)

In a strategic move to foster economic growth and transform local communities, Uganda’s Minister of State for Planning, Amos Lugoloobi, officially launched the Local Government Public Private Partnerships (PPP)/Pooled Finance Guidelines today at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. The guidelines are poised to revolutionize how local governments access funding and collaborate with the private sector to deliver essential public goods.

During the launch, Minister Lugoloobi emphasized the urgent need for local governments to explore alternative funding options. He urged local leaders to embrace creativity and innovation to tap into private sector resources effectively.

The minister highlighted the importance of simplifying the guidelines to ensure that potential investors are not deterred by a lack of clarity in the PPP process. The responsibility for this simplification falls on the PPP Unit, headed by Jim Mugunga.

“The tendency of Local Governments waiting for resources from the center is no longer feasible because of dwindling discretionary resources,” remarked Minister Lugoloobi.

He called for a paradigm shift, stressing the necessity for collaboration between the public and private sectors to leverage available resources, skills, and expertise, ultimately enhancing economic growth and socio-economic transformation.

Among the key announcements made during the launch were sample projects that have been screened and deemed suitable for investment under the PPP arrangement.

Notable projects include the Nansana Transport Transit Station and the Madi Okollo Hydro Power Project, both demonstrating the diverse range of opportunities available for private sector involvement.

Minister Lugoloobi officially opened the launch event, underscoring its significance in promoting economic development. This initiative aligns with the government’s broader strategy of building institutional capacity and equipping local government institutions with the tools needed to identify, develop, procure, and implement PPPs effectively.

The event also served as a platform for local governments to showcase pilot and potential PPP projects within their jurisdictions. This collaborative effort aims to bring together public and private sectors, fostering partnerships that drive sustainable development.

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