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McDermott-Uganda empowers locals in oil and gas host districts.

McDermott-Uganda empowers locals in oil and gas host districts.

Over 200 trainees enhance skills in PPE production (Courtesy photo)

McDermott-Uganda, a tier one contractor for the Tilenga Project, has launched a training program aimed at equipping over 200 locals in Uganda’s oil and gas host districts with the skills to produce personal protective wear (PPE). This initiative not only creates job opportunities but also strengthens the local economy in the Albertine region.

Out of the 200 trainees, 120 hail from Buliisa and Nwoya, districts hosting the Tilenga Project, while the remaining 80 come from neighboring districts, including Hoima, Kikuube, Masindi, and Pakwach. Notably, 95% of the trainees are female, with 40% falling under the youth category.

The training program, conducted in partnership with GIZ and Sarfield Uganda, seeks to elevate participants’ skills from basic to industrial-scale production. Three dedicated hubs have been established in Buliisa, Nwoya, and Hoima to support the graduates in producing 1,498 PPEs, primarily intended for the McDermott workforce.

These hubs will also facilitate orders from other sub-contractors, further bolstering the local economy and creating a sustainable market for the newly trained individuals.

Brian Kwawul, the National Content lead at McDermott, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership and underscored the positive impact it would have on uplifting local communities. McDermott’s comprehensive national content plan, which includes this up-skilling initiative, has received approval from the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU), the authority responsible for overseeing Uganda’s oil and gas sector.

PAU recently led a delegation of international journalists on a tour of various infrastructure projects in the country, highlighting the progress and developments in the oil and gas industry. This tour emphasized the industry’s commitment to local community development and empowerment.

By investing in the skills and capabilities of the local workforce for PPE production, this initiative not only supports the growth of the oil and gas sector but also provides sustainable livelihoods and economic opportunities for the communities in the region.

It aligns with the broader vision of nurturing local talent and fostering long-term prosperity in Uganda’s oil and gas host districts.

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