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Population census slated for May 2024

Population census slated for May 2024

Uganda Prepares for First-Ever Digital Census on May 10th, 2024

Uganda Prepares for First-Ever Digital Census on May 10th, 2024

Uganda is gearing up for its first-ever digital population census, set to take place on May 10th, 2024. This landmark event has been long-awaited, with the delay attributed to logistical challenges that have since been resolved, thanks to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) under the leadership of Minister Chris Baryomunsi.

Minister Chris Baryomunsi recently addressed the reasons behind the delay of the census, explaining that the primary issue was a lack of logistical resources.

However, he assured the public that these concerns have now been effectively addressed, with the government actively engaged in procuring the necessary resources to ensure the smooth execution of this historic undertaking.

In a move aimed at allowing citizens ample time to prepare for their participation in the census, May 9th, 2024, will be declared a public holiday.

This extra day off will facilitate greater involvement in the census process, as it enables residents to make any necessary arrangements and be ready for enumeration on May 10th.

The approach to be employed during this census is known as the “de facto” method, as described by Minister Baryomunsi: “We mark one night as a reference point, and then we count people who spent the night in Uganda on that night. That’s the method which is going to be used.”

This method involves enumerating individuals based on their presence in Uganda on the designated reference night, providing an accurate snapshot of the country’s population.

The transition to a digital census marks a significant advancement in data collection for Uganda, promising more efficient and precise results.

The adoption of digital technologies will not only streamline the enumeration process but also enhance the accuracy and accessibility of census data, facilitating evidence-based decision-making for the nation’s development.

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