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Take the Amnesty on Cattle Rustling, Museveni warns

Take the Amnesty on Cattle Rustling, Museveni warns

By Our Reporter

Kotido: President Museveni last evening met a group of Karachunas from Kotido at the State lodge in Baralegi as he concluded his week-long camp. The president camped all week to specifically tackle the issue of cattle trafficking in Greater North.

Much of the discussions with the Karachunas was held in closed session however the key action point arising afterwards was for them to go on a study tour to other cattle keeping communities who have made a turn from nomadism and subsistence way of life.

General Museveni offered amnesty to those who are still engaged in cattle rustling. “I encourage other young people who are being used in this   criminality to make the bold decision to come forward and surrender before the state engages with them in fighting this time around”, he said.

“We shall have a follow up discussion and support them in different areas of interest in becoming agents of mindset change through wealth creation”, the President added.

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