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Tanzania withdraws ban on KQ

Tanzania withdraws ban on KQ

Tanzania and Kenya Resolve Diplomatic Row (Courtesy photo)

In a rapid diplomatic turnaround, Tanzania and Kenya have successfully resolved their recent dispute, paving the way for increased collaboration in the aviation sector. The swift resolution came after Kenya granted Air Tanzania coveted cargo rights, subsequently reinstating Kenya Airways’ passenger routes between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

Air Tanzania, having secured the Fifth Freedom Traffic Right for all-cargo services in Kenya, can now efficiently handle cargo pick-ups and drop-offs as part of its international flights. This development marks a significant milestone for Air Tanzania’s cargo operations, offering new trade opportunities and enhancing economic ties between the two East African nations.

The Tanzanian decision to grant cargo rights to Air Tanzania resulted in the rescindment of the earlier announcement to withdraw Kenya Airways’ third and fourth freedom traffic rights. These rights are crucial for airlines, permitting the carriage of passengers and freight between their home country and a foreign country (Third Freedom) and between two foreign countries (Fourth Freedom).

The resolution underscores the dynamic nature of air services agreements and highlights the importance of open communication between nations. The reinstatement of Kenya Airways’ passenger operations on the vital Dar es Salaam route ensures continued connectivity, benefiting both passengers and businesses in the region.

“This development demonstrates the spirit of cooperation and understanding between Tanzania and Kenya,” remarked Hamza S. Johari, Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. “We are confident that this decision will further strengthen aviation and trade relations between our two countries.”

The cooperative spirit showcased by both nations exemplifies the agility required in the aviation sector and sets the stage for continued growth and cooperation. With the diplomatic row behind them, Tanzania and Kenya now stand poised for enhanced collaboration, fostering economic development and connectivity in the East African region.

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