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Telegram, the rival WhatsApp app.

It seems that the Telegram messaging app is determined to gain more ground from its rival, WhatsApp . Without a doubt, this has been a key year for the application of the Russian Pavel Dúrov , who is determined to match and surpass the Mark Zuckerberg platform. Now, the August 2021 Telegram update promises to improve the user experience with some changes to the stickers , the streaming function and privacy .

For some time here, Telegram has made an effort to offer news at least once a month. It is even speculated that its objective is to go from being a simple messaging app, to becoming a complete social network , with all that that implies.

1. Privacy without sender

Until now, when forwarding a Telegram message, the name of the person who originally sent it would appear. However, the new update 8.0 already allows you to delete the original sender , as well as the comment that accompanies the message. In this way, the recipient of the message will not know that it is a forwarding.

“You can choose to hide the sender or hide the comments in multimedia messages. You can also unmark messages that you do not want to send or change the recipient if you touched the wrong chat, ” said the platform on its official blog .

2. Unlimited streaming

Live broadcasts were limited to 1,000 viewers , but that’s over. From now on, each stream will be allowed to have an unlimited audience , that is, there will no longer be a limit of participants.

“Our previous update made group video calls a powerful tool for live broadcasts, and now their audience is unlimited (except for the popularity of your channel, or the population of Earth, whichever is most relevant to you)” explained the app created by the Russian Pavel Dúrov. “Viewers of your live stream can also raise their hands and join your broadcast if you allow them to speak.

3. ‘Choosing sticker…’

Let’s face it: stickers are the best, no matter what app we are talking about. Here we tell you how to transfer your stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram step by step .

To improve the experience of its users, Telegram now added the ‘trending stickers’ function. These will appear at the top of ‘Recent’ as you add them after clicking on ‘Add’, so it will be easier to find them.

In addition, the app will also notify you when the person you are talking with is looking for a sticker to send you.

“Similar to ‘Writing …’ or ‘Recording a voice message’, the app now shows the status ‘Choosing a sticker’ at the top of the chat, so you know that your partner is still there, just looking for the perfect one animated response ” , detailed Telegram in the statement.

At the beginning of this 2021, the change in the privacy policies of WhatsApp caused a massive migration of users to Telegram . Then the recent crash of the messaging app, along with Facebook and Instagram , convinced millions of others to move to Pável Dúrov ‘s app.

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