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NFA officials display the MOU signed with Total Energies


Totalenergies Ep Uganda Partners With NFA to Conserve largest Central Forest Reserve

Totalenergies Ep Uganda Partners With NFA to Conserve largest Central Forest Reserve

TotalEnergies EP Uganda last week signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Forestry Authority (NFA) to conserve Uganda’s Largest Central Forest Reserve Budongo, which is also home to an estimated 600-800 Chimpanzees and the largest mahogany forest in East Africa, TotalEnergies EP Uganda said in a press release.

This five-year commitment marks the start of a partnership to enhance the understanding of Budongo Central Forest Reserve, raise awareness of its immense biodiversity value and support NFA in its strategic objectives to improve management of central forest reserves.

Speaking at the signing of the MoU and on behalf of the General Manager, TotalEnergies’ , EP Uganda, Mrs. Mariam Nampeera Mbowa, the Deputy General Manager, TotalEnergies EP Uganda said the Company aims to achieve positive outcomes for biodiversity and communities by working with the NFA and other partners to support community forest management groups, boost effective management by developing a Forest Management Plan that will enhance the extent and quality of tropical high forest within Budongo.

“TotalEnergies EP Uganda has already launched various initiatives under the Tilenga Biodiversity Program including working with NGOs to restore forest corridors between Budongo and Bugoma, as well as education and awareness raising aligned to the conservation of chimpanzees and forests. We are therefore committed to conserving this national treasure,” she noted.

This agreement will also guide the collaboration between NFA and TEPU in further developing interventions that will be implemented under the Forest Pillar of the Tilenga Biodiversity Program.  The Company will also support the Authority’s Forest conservation efforts through joint patrols using SMART technologies.


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