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Uganda launches Shs1.3trillion climate-smart Agri initiative

Uganda launches Shs1.3trillion climate-smart Agri initiative

Agriculture Minister Mr. Frank Tumwebaze emphasises adoption of climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices. (Courtesy photo)

The Ugandan government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries (MAAIF), has unveiled the “Uganda Climate Smart Transformational project,” a colossal initiative valued at Shs1.3 trillion. Agriculture Minister Mr. Frank Tumwebaze announced this strategic project during the National Stakeholders’ Workshop at Speke Resort Munyonyo on January 9, attended by Regional District Commissioners (RDCs), Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), and District Production Officers (DPOs).

The comprehensive six-year project is designed to directly benefit approximately 760,000 households, equivalent to 3.9 million individuals, and indirectly impact an additional 1.9 million households or 9.5 million individuals. The focus of the initiative is to enhance productivity, market access, and resilience within select value chains across the project area.

Minister Tumwebaze highlighted the project’s key interventions, emphasizing a shift from seedling emphasis to interventions supporting harvesting, storage, primary processing, and market linkages. Furthermore, the initiative aims to rejuvenate research stations such as Kawanda, Serere, and Mbarara to bolster seed production.

The project comprises five interconnected components, including strengthening climate-smart agricultural research, promoting the adoption of climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices, and developing markets and linkages for selected value chains. Major General David Kasura-Kyomukama, the Permanent Secretary at MAAIF, provided insights into the geographical scope, targeting 69 districts across 13 agro-ecological zones, including seven refugee-hosting districts.

Despite the ambitious goals, Kasura-Kyomukama warned of potential challenges, citing issues like land availability and compensation. He underscored the ministry’s commitment to verify land availability before implementing any investments, stating unequivocally that there would be no compensation for land acquisition.

The initiative aims to identify, develop, and incentivize the adoption of climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices. Its overarching goal is to increase productivity, household incomes, and resilience to climatic shocks, with a particular focus on sustainable development. As the project unfolds, meticulous attention to transparent beneficiary selection, accountability, monitoring, and local ownership will be crucial for its success.

This transformative venture signifies a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture in Uganda, promising positive implications for the livelihoods of millions and the overall economic landscape.

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