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Uganda seeks $150M China loan for E-Government.

Uganda seeks $150M China loan for E-Government.

The Minister of State for General Duties, Henry Musasizi, and ICT Minister Chris Baryomunsi before the parliamentary committee (Courtesy photo)

The Minister of State for General Duties, Henry Musasizi, accompanied by the Minister of Information, Communication, and Technology, Chris Baryomunsi have appeared before the Parliament Committee on National Economy today.

Their purpose was to present a proposal seeking authorization to borrow up to Yuan 1,050,000,000 (approximately USD 150 million) from the Export-Import Bank of China. The funds are intended to finance the supply, installation, commissioning, and support of the national data transmission backbone infrastructure, specifically for the E-Government Infrastructure Project Phase V.

The ambitious project comprises two key components aimed at enhancing Uganda’s connectivity and modernizing its government services.

1. Backbone Network Expansion: The first component focuses on expanding the backbone network, covering an extensive 3,604 kilometers and incorporating 51 backbone transmission sites. This expansion is poised to significantly increase the coverage of the backbone network by adding 56 new areas, ultimately raising the coverage to an impressive 83%. The backbone network serves as the foundation for the country’s digital infrastructure, facilitating efficient data transmission and communication across regions.

2. Ministries, Departments & Agencies Connectivity: The second component addresses the last mile of connectivity, spanning 2,240 kilometers and involving 800 site connections. This aspect of the project is designed to meet the last-mile network demands of various government sites, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated network that caters to the specific needs of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. By bridging the connectivity gap at the organizational level, the project aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations.

This strategic initiative aligns with Uganda’s broader vision of advancing its digital capabilities and fostering an environment conducive to e-governance.

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