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“Uganda, Tanzania sign 1800km gas pipeline deal

“Uganda, Tanzania sign 1800km gas pipeline deal

Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Ruth Nankabirwa and deputy prime minister Doto Biteko of Tanzania (Courtesy photo)

Strengthening Regional Collaboration and Energy Sector Growth

In a historic move toward mutual development and energy sector enhancement, Uganda and Tanzania have formally inked an agreement to undertake the construction of a substantial 1800-kilometer natural gas pipeline. The pipeline, designed to transport gas from Tanzania to Uganda, marks a significant stride in bilateral cooperation and resource sharing between the two nations.

The official signing ceremony took place with notable representation from both sides. Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Ruth Nankabirwa, endorsed the agreement on behalf of Uganda, while Tanzania’s Deputy Prime Minister, Doto Biteko, committed Tanzania to the landmark project.

This agreement follows a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) initiated in August 2018, laying the groundwork for joint collaboration and shared responsibilities in the pipeline’s design, planning, and implementation. Minister Nankabirwa emphasized the commitment of Uganda to not only fortify its own energy sector but also to foster robust regional collaboration.

“The development underscores Uganda’s dedication to fortifying its Energy Sector and promoting regional cooperation within the Energy Sector. The government remains steadfast in driving the implementation and progression of the project, envisioning a sustainable and prosperous future for both Uganda and Tanzania,” expressed Minister Nankabirwa.

The envisioned impact of the 1800km pipeline extends beyond mere infrastructural development. Projections indicate a catalyst for growth and economic advancement between the two countries, creating employment opportunities for their citizens. Moreover, the project is anticipated to escalate the demand for natural gas and substantially augment gas extraction in Tanzania’s Lindi and Mtwara regions.

Uganda’s National Pipeline Company (UNPC) and Tanzania’s Petroleum Development Corporation will oversee the project’s execution. The pipeline’s route spans through strategic locations in Tanzania, including Tanga, Mwanza, and Mutukula, before traversing into Masaka, Uganda.

This landmark collaboration not only symbolizes a significant stride in energy resource utilization but also stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between Uganda and Tanzania.

The pipeline project signifies a joint commitment towards sustainable growth, economic vitality, and shared prosperity.

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