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Uganda’s digital literacy commitment

Uganda’s digital literacy commitment

Dr Amina Zawedde emphasizes digital literacy at the ICDL Africa Forum 2023 (Courtesy photo)

‘Highlighted at ICDL Africa Forum 2023’

Dr. Amina Zawedde, the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Ministry of ICT & National Guidance led a team from Uganda to the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Africa Forum 2023 held in Kigali. The event brought together key stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in promoting digital literacy across diverse sectors in Africa.

Embracing the digital journey

Dr. Amina Zawedde delivered her remarks under the theme, “Advancing Digital Literacy: Africa’s Journey Towards an ICT-Enabled Future.” She commended the various actors and partners who have actively invested in making digital literacy a priority across governments in Africa.

“In our pursuit of digital literacy and ICT excellence, we recently unveiled the UG Digital Road Map, . “This visionary document serves as our compass, guiding us toward an ICT-enabled future where knowledge and innovation fuel economic growth and societal advancement.”

Youth as the driving force

Recognizing the demographic strength of Africa’s youth, Dr. Zawedde emphasized the importance of equipping future leaders with essential digital skills. “Africa’s youth are its strength! With most under 25, enhancing digital literacy is our gateway to a thriving digital economy.”

Partnerships for success

Uganda’s commitment to digital literacy is reinforced by its partnership with organizations like ICDL Africa and the ICDL Foundation. “Digital skills are the currency of the future. To be influential in the digital economy, Africa must swiftly empower its people. Let’s rise to the challenge and ensure no one is left behind in the digital revolution,” Dr. Zawedde noted.

“Inspired by Uganda’s commitment to digital literacy! With 33 Accredited Testing Centres and 11,030 certified candidates, we’re on the right path. Let’s keep learning, partnering, and implementing for a digitally skilled nation,” she added.

Skilling civil servants

In line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Ministry of ICT and ICDL Africa, a digital skills assessment of Civil Servants in the Ugandan government has been conducted, with plans for further skilling in 2024.

A necessity in the digital age

Dr. Zawedde stressed that in an era dominated by automation and AI, digital literacy is not merely a skill but a necessity. The initiatives driven by ICDL Africa are playing a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and empowering individuals to excel in a technology-driven world.

A Promising Future

Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap is a testament to the nation’s commitment to preparing its citizens for a digital future. With the support of partners and a determined leadership, Uganda is poised to march toward a future where everyone possesses the digital skills required to thrive in an increasingly digitalized world.

The ICDL Africa Forum 2023 highlighted the imperative of advancing digital literacy in Africa, showcasing Uganda’s dedication and vision in this vital journey.

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