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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) aimed at strengthening the collaboration between UNBS and PAU in the development and implementation of standards for the oil and gas sector in Uganda.

The Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, Mr. Ernest Rubondo, acknowledged that the development and implementation of quality standards in the oil and gas sector is very critical given the level of investment expected from the oil and gas sector and the sectors’ potential to contribute to the transformation of Uganda’s economy.

Mr. Rubondo revealed that between USD 15-20 billion is expected to be invested over the next three to five years, mainly though putting in place infrastructure required for production and commercialization of the discovered resources.

According to the MOU, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) will;

  • Provide guidance on internationally recognized practices, procedures and guidelines on the development of standards and standards related deliverables
  • Participate in national certification, testing, verification and inspection of goods, equipment and related processes
  • Provide testing and conformity assessment services in line with developed national standards for the betterment of the sector
  • Design promotional activities for standards in the petroleum sector and
  • Provide stakeholder trainings in standards and conformity assessment in the petroleum sector.

The UNBS Ag. ED Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru urged the Petroleum Authority of Uganda to ensure that the oil and gas sector forms associations so that UNBS’ interventions are purposeful and intentional to help the sector meet the minimum standards to compete globally.  He further urged the sector to be forthcoming in pointing out areas where new standards can be developed since they are demand driven.

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