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UNOC CEO Proscovia Nabbanja (Courtesy photo)

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UNOC’s ambitious vision

UNOC’s ambitious vision

UNOC CEO Proscovia Nabbanja Shares Vision for Uganda’s Future at ADIPEC 2023

In a week-long conference at ADIPEC 2023, Proscovia Nabbanja, the CEO of Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC), delivered a compelling message outlining the company’s future plans and vision for the nation. Her address shed light on several pivotal insights and initiatives aimed at transforming Uganda’s oil and gas sector while fostering economic growth and empowering its youth.

National content plan: Emphasizing local value

One of the key highlights of Ms. Nabbanja’s address was UNOC’s comprehensive National Content Plan. This plan underscores the significance of local content and value addition in Uganda’s burgeoning oil and gas industry. It aims to ensure that the wealth generated from the sector benefits local communities and industries.

Investment in skilling for transformation

UNOC’s commitment to capacity building was another central theme of Ms. Nabbanja’s message. The company is heavily investing in skilling through partnerships with esteemed technical institutes like Upik Uganda. The focus is on transformational skills that not only support the oil sector but are also transferable to other industries, contributing to a diversified and robust workforce.

Empowering youth for success

With the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project set to deploy around 3,000 young individuals, UNOC is dedicated to providing them with the right opportunities and resources to succeed. This initiative aims to harness the potential of Uganda’s youth and pave the way for a brighter future.

Breaking barriers: A tale of determination

Ms. Nabbanja’s inspiring journey from being the first female technical staff member in the Petroleum Department to leading UNOC serves as a testament to the power of determination and capability. Her message was clear: “Challenge yourself daily and always lift others up.”

Affirmative action for gender equality

UNOC is committed to gender diversity and inclusion. Ugandan laws mandate 30% female representation on boards, and UNOC is intentional about empowering women and using its platform to uplift and inspire.

Vision 2043: maximizing resources for prosperity

Looking ahead to 2043, UNOC envisions maximizing the utilization of Uganda’s natural resources while ensuring significant in-country value addition. The company’s ambitious goals include creating 164,000 job opportunities, predominantly for the youth, and propelling Uganda’s economy above 100 billion dollars.

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