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UWEC seeks a UGX10 billion for lion breeding

UWEC seeks a UGX10 billion for lion breeding

The breeding initiative is planned for Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo, and Murchison Falls National Parks. (Courtesy photo)

Uganda’s wildlife sector is making headlines as the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) seeks a 10 billion Ugandan Shilling investment to initiate lion breeding in three national game parks in the upcoming fiscal year. This strategic move aims to address the declining lion population and address the challenges of human-wildlife conflicts.

Mwine Mpaka, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Trade and Tourism, emphasizes the urgency of these funds to counter the dwindling lion numbers, which has been acknowledged as a setback during committee sessions.

Currently nurturing 15 lions at UWEC, the breeding initiative is planned for Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo, and Murchison Falls National Parks.

The financial aspect of this initiative unfolds within the larger tourism sector budget of 248.7 billion Shillings, facing a shortfall of 309 billion Shillings. The Trade Committee takes center stage in the budget discussions, orchestrating a dance with unfunded priorities amounting to 96.3 billion Shillings, highlighting crucial areas for the sector in the 2024/2025 Financial Year.

In an effort to give Uganda’s tourism sector a boost, the Trade Committee proposes an additional 4 billion Shillings for the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). This budgetary allocation aims to address negative publicity, a subplot fueled by incidents in Queen Elizabeth National Park last year. The UTB plans to promote a positive narrative globally, allocating funds for media outlets such as the BBC, National Geographic, and CNN.

As the budget drama unfolds, 1 billion Shillings takes the stage for the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), playing a crucial role in showcasing the nation’s diverse tourism destinations.

In essence, Uganda’s appeal for 10 billion Shillings echoes a call for conservation, and this budget saga is a comprehensive strategy blending financial maneuvers and creative storytelling to safeguard and showcase the nation’s untamed treasures.

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