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Anonymously report NSSF non-compliant employers

Anonymously report NSSF non-compliant employers

NSSF launches whistleblower campaign to combat non-compliance with social security contributions. Image: Patrick Ayota , NSSF Boss (Courtesy photo)

NSSF’s vision 2035 strategy aims to expand coverage and enhance efficiency

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) of Uganda has introduced its Whistleblower Campaign, unveiling a revamped web-based platform aimed at empowering employees to report non-compliant employers who fail to remit social security contributions.

Speaking at the campaign’s launch, NSSF Managing Director, Ayota Patrick, provided a comprehensive overview of the recently introduced Vision 2035 strategy.

This visionary plan includes ambitious objectives such as expanding social security coverage from 11% to 50% of Uganda’s working population by 2035, growing the Fund’s assets from the current Ushs 19.4 trillion to Ushs 50 trillion, and increasing customer satisfaction from 86% to 95% by 2035.

Patrick stated, “These goals will be achieved by deliberately creating a willingness to save and the capacity to save.”

Patrick emphasized the commitment to empower NSSF members by making them integral to the organization’s compliance objectives. He highlighted the Fund’s dedication to addressing the issue of non-compliance and its innovative approaches to combat this problem.

In recent months, NSSF has engaged with employers across various sectors in Uganda, urging them to fulfill their statutory obligations by remitting social security contributions for their employees. The Fund has even offered amnesty to encourage compliance.

According to NSSF data, only 20,762 out of 36,426 registered employers are actively remitting contributions, resulting in a compliance rate of just 57%. This means that over 15,000 employers are failing to comply with their obligations, affecting their employees’ retirement savings. Shockingly, only 107 cases of non-compliance have been reported on average.

To empower its members and enhance transparency, NSSF has revamped its web-based Whistleblower platform. This platform is used by aggrieved employees to report non-compliant employers who are not remitting their social security contributions as required by law. The upgraded platform introduces three key features:

  1. Complete anonymity for whistleblowers: The platform now offers whistleblowers the option of complete anonymity, ensuring that neither the Fund nor the employers can reveal the whistleblower’s identity.
  2. Automatic case tracking: Members can electronically track their reported cases without the need to visit an NSSF branch. The platform provides regular updates on the progress of each case until it is fully resolved.
  3. Empowerment of government labor inspectors: The platform enables government labor inspectors to report government contractors and other employers who persistently refuse to contribute to the Fund in accordance with the new NSSF Act.

The NSSF’s Whistleblower Campaign is a significant step toward ensuring that employees’ rights are protected and that employers meet their obligations under the law. With enhanced reporting capabilities and a renewed commitment to transparency and accountability, the NSSF aims to create a culture of compliance and secure the financial future of Ugandan workers.

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