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Nurturing the Girl child in business

Kampala Lordmayor, Erias Lukwago has urged Ugandans to embrace digital platforms to address key issues affecting the girl children adolescents with purposes of Empowering and also end injustices inflicted on the young lives.

During the commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child on Monday, the Lord Mayor urged Ugandans to use digital platforms to strategize on how to augment social protection programs for the benefits of the girl child.

“As we continue to appreciate the new normal owed to the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated whims, let us embrace the digital platforms to address the disproportional burden of poverty, insufficient social services, exploitation and/or abuse including social and economic exclusion of the girl child,”

He said.

The International Day of the Girl Child is commemorated every year on October 11 and the occasion marks the importance of adolescent girl children and attempts at identifying their power and potential by opening opportunities for them. This year’s theme dubbed “Digital generation. Our generation” Calls for complete inclusion of all social media platforms so that they are accessible by the girl child.

“This year’s theme is a clarion call to the regime to lift the ban on Facebook and other social media platforms as these can be utilized by the Girl child to ply various merchandise.” Lukwago said

Source: Ugabuzz

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