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ERA makes minimal reduction in end-user electricity tariffs for quarter two of 2023

Kampala: The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) announced the Electricity End-User Tariffs to be charged by Umeme Limited for the supply of Electrical Energy in the Second Quarter (April to June) of 2023, with a reduction in Tariffs across all consumer categories except for the Street Lighting.

The Tariff schedule for the Second Quarter of 2023 indicates a reduction in Tariffs for Domestic Consumers to Shs805.0 from Shs808.9, Commercial Consumers to Shs611.8 from Shs624.6, Medium Industrial Consumers to Shs461.8 from Shs472.3, Large Consumers to Shs384.4, from Shs386.3 and Extra-Large Consumers to Shs325.0 from Shs326.6. The Street Lighting Consumer category remained unchanged at Shs370.0.

Nalubale Power Dam. File Photo

The Authority maintained the Lifeline Tariff for Domestic Customers who consume below 100 units monthly at Shs250 for the First 15 Units and the Fumba Tariff of Shs412.0 for a 70-Unit bundle, introduced at the start of 2022.

The Authority determined and approved the Tariffs for the Second Quarter based on the changes in the Macro-Economic factors of; the International Price of Fuel, the Exchange Rate of the Uganda Shilling against the United States Dollar, the Core Consumer Price Index (Inflation), the Energy Generation Mix, and Costs approved by the ERA.

The New Tariffs apply to all Electricity Consumer Bills raised by Umeme Limited, based on Meter Readings and Yaka purchases from April to June 2023.

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