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‘Exercise caution on damaged roads and bridges’ – Govt

‘Exercise caution on damaged roads and bridges’ – Govt

A totally impassable bridge (Courtesy photo)

Minister of works and transport outlines measures to address infrastructure damage

In the wake of recent heavy rains wreaking havoc on road and bridge infrastructure across the country, the Minister of Works and Transport, General Edward Katumba-Wamala, has issued a public announcement outlining the government’s response to the situation.

The intense and prolonged rainfall has led to widespread issues, including flooding, landslides, and erosion, resulting in the deterioration and, in some cases, complete failure of critical transportation networks.

The Minister acknowledged the significant damage caused but highlighted that immediate fixes during persistent rains are not technically viable.

The government is fully committed to addressing this pressing issue and ensuring the well-being and connectivity of citizens. Once the rains subside, restoration works will commence immediately to bring back smooth connectivity. However, it was advised that the 1 billion Shillings disbursed for road maintenance during the heavy rains should not be utilized by District Leadership, as there is a risk of it being washed away.

The Minister assured the public that the government and its agencies are actively exploring short, medium, and long-term strategies to enhance the resilience of infrastructure against extreme weather events. Recognizing the growing threat of climate change, measures will be implemented to safeguard infrastructure from future challenges.

In the interim, the public is urged to exercise caution while using damaged sections of roads and bridges and to avoid unnecessary risks in areas where water levels have risen. While acknowledging the inconvenience caused, the Minister expressed gratitude for the public’s patience and cooperation during this challenging time.

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