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Uganda discovers 18 new mineral hotspots

Uganda discovers 18 new mineral hotspots

An excavation site (Courtesy photo)

Uganda has identified 18 new mineral potential sites, according to the Ministry of Energy.

The findings, stemming from recent airborne geophysical mapping integrated with geological surveys, reveal promising targets for investors in various sectors.

This breakthrough underscores Uganda’s vast mineral wealth and the government’s commitment to leveraging these resources for socio-economic development.

The mineral potential targets span a spectrum of valuable resources, including nickel, gold, chromite, marble, Kimberlite, copper, cobalt, rare earth elements, limestone, phosphate, iron ore, titanium, and vermiculite.

Notably, the Ministry of Energy has confirmed the presence of gold in Moroto and Zeu in Zombo, as well as nickel in Iganga gabbro intrusion. These discoveries are expected to diversify Uganda’s mineral portfolio, providing ample opportunities for investment and growth.

Vincent Kedi, the assistant commissioner for license administration in the Mines department, emphasized the government’s dedication to optimizing these newfound resources.

Uganda aims to attract investments for exploration, mining, and value addition to critical minerals.

New gold deposits and iron ore reserves

The mapping initiative has revealed additional gold deposits in the Kaliro-Ivukula area, further enhancing Uganda’s standing in the gold market. Iron ore reserves in Buhara-Kabale and Butogota, Kanungu district, have also been identified, contributing to the growing importance of Uganda in the global iron ore sector.

The government, in collaboration with the European Union, is conducting a detailed feasibility study, supported by a €1 million grant, to establish and utilize the iron ore reserves in south-western Uganda.

The Ministry of Energy has strategically prioritized targets for detailed exploration, including uranium deposits in various basins such as Kei and Midigo-Kaya Basin (Arua), Acha-Alo Basin (Pakwach), and others across different regions.

These new mineral discoveries not only enhance Uganda’s economic prospects but also signify a positive step towards sustainable development and prosperity for its people.

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