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MAAIF invites Algerian investors

MAAIF invites Algerian investors

Agriculture Minister Frank Tumwebaze addressing the audience at the Uganda Algeria Investment Forum (Courtesy photo)

Uganda, known as the “Pearl of Africa” for its lush landscapes and agricultural potential, is looking to forge partnerships with Algerian investors to unlock its vast untapped resources.

Minister Frank Tumwebaze, the country’s Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry while at the Uganda Algeria Investment Forum, extended a warm invitation to Algerian businesses to collaborate with Ugandan farmers. With a favorable climate featuring two rainy seasons a year for most regions and abundant arable land, Uganda boasts the perfect conditions for agricultural growth.

Untapped Agricultural Potential

Out of the 80% of arable land that Uganda possesses, a mere 36% has been cultivated, leaving the remaining land untouched. Minister Tumwebaze highlighted this enormous potential for expansion, emphasizing the opportunity to significantly increase both crop and livestock production. With the world’s growing demand for agricultural products, Uganda’s untapped resources present a compelling proposition for investment.

Diverse Export Opportunities

Uganda’s agricultural sector is ready to supply a variety of products for export, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and coffee.

Avocoop Uganda

These products are primed for international markets, making them attractive options for potential investors. The country’s willingness to engage in value addition further enhances the appeal of partnering with Ugandan producers.

H.E. President Yoweri Museveni with a number of delegates

H.E. President Yoweri Museveni has also expressed a strong sense of optimism regarding the collaboration between Uganda and Algeria. Hosting a delegation from Algeria, he reiterated his commitment to fostering fruitful partnerships that will contribute to the economic development of both nations.

Uganda presents an attractive opportunity for Algerian investors looking to enter the agricultural market. This partnership has the potential to not only benefit both countries but also make a significant impact on the global agricultural landscape.

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