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NWSC seeks subsidized power tariff

NWSC seeks subsidized power tariff

“The tariff we use is a commercial tariff. We want to request Govt to put us on the industrial tariff to enable us leverage more funds to reach more Ugandans ” – Silver Mugisha, Managing Director, NWSC

National Water and Sewerage Corporation seeks funding boost for Katosi water plant

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is facing operational challenges at the Katosi Water Plant in Mukono, with the facility currently operating at only 52 percent capacity. The corporation’s managing director, Mr. Silver Mugisha, revealed the need for an additional €45 million (Shs180.2 billion) to fully address the issue and enable the plant to supply water to the entire Kampala Metropolitan Area as initially planned.

Financial request: During a presentation of the corporation’s performance report to Deputy Speaker Mr. Thomas Tayebwa, Mr. Mugisha highlighted the funding gap, stating that NWSC currently has €60 million (Shs240.2 billion) and requires an additional €45 million (Shs180.2 billion) to complete the last mile of the project. The request for additional funds has already been approved by the President and is set to go through Cabinet and then Parliament.

Operational status: Despite the completion of the Katosi water treatment plant in July 2021, it is currently underutilized, operating at only 52 percent of its intended capacity. The facility was designed to pump up to 160,000 cubic meters (160 million liters) of water daily, expandable to 240,000 cubic meters (240 million liters) daily.

Parliamentary support: Deputy Speaker Mr. Tayebwa expressed satisfaction with the progress of the plant but voiced disappointment over its underutilization. He pledged support from Parliament once the financial request reaches the legislative body, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that areas without water receive the necessary support.

Financial Challenges: Mr. Mugisha also highlighted financial challenges faced by NWSC, including monthly payments of a minimum of Shs800 million to Umeme for electricity. He called on the Ministry of Energy to consider putting NWSC on the industrial tariff to alleviate financial strain and allow the corporation to reach more Ugandans.

Future Prospects: Upon securing the additional funding, NWSC aims to complete the last phase of the Katosi Water Plant project, addressing the underutilization issue and fulfilling the initial objective of supplying water to the entire Kampala Metropolitan Area.

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