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KCCA receives 78 Billion for road works

KCCA receives 78 Billion for road works

KCCA to upgrade roads leading to Munyonyo ahead of NAM, G77 Summit (Courtesy photo)

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has received a substantial fund allocation of 78 billion shillings from the government. This funding is aimed at advancing vital road works and beautification projects in the city, as announced by KCCA’s Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka, during a recent press conference at Hotel Africana.

The major portion of the funds will be channeled into essential road development and maintenance projects.

These efforts come at a crucial time as Kampala prepares to host the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference, where the city’s infrastructure and amenities will be under the global spotlight.

Kisaka detailed the specific areas of focus for the road works, which include maintenance and enhancements in several key locations. These roads encompass vital arteries such as Mukwano, Press House, Ggaba, Cape, Salaama, Mobutu, Prince Badru Kakungulu, UCB Rise, Seriso, and Tank Hill.

One notable aspect of the plan is the collaboration with the UPDF Engineering brigade, who will be supporting KCCA’s engineering teams to repair roads and eliminate potholes. The importance of road maintenance cannot be overstated, and this joint effort promises to make a significant impact on the city’s infrastructure.

In addition to road maintenance, the city will see the installation of streetlights along 30 kilometers of roads. Furthermore, illegal structures that have hindered the city’s aesthetic appeal will be removed, and an intensified rescue operation for street children will be put into action. These measures, along with plans to improve Busega market and encourage street vendors to operate in formal marketplaces, are all part of the city’s comprehensive beautification plan.

Parish Development Model (PDM) Funding

As part of its commitment to community development and poverty reduction, the KCCA has also launched the distribution of funds under the Parish Development Model (PDM) program. This program aims to empower communities and individuals within Kampala, lifting them out of poverty and fostering economic growth.

Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, the Hon Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, officially inaugurated the disbursement of PDM funds. The government has allocated a substantial 9.7 billion shillings for the PDM program in Kampala, a clear indication of its commitment to uplifting the city and its residents.

The distribution of funds has already commenced, with the first disbursement of 1.3 billion shillings to 1,300 beneficiaries in Central Division. In Kawempe Division, an additional 1.16 billion shillings has been distributed to 1,160 beneficiaries. These disbursements are only the beginning, as all five divisions of Kampala are set to receive funds that will impact a total of 67,470 individuals.

Under this initiative, Saccos in the city will receive support, with each parish receiving 100 million shillings, and each beneficiary receiving 1 million shillings. These funds are intended to boost local economic activities, encompassing production, processing, marketing, and storage of agricultural products.

Kisaka expressed her gratitude to the government and urged politicians and individuals to ensure the responsible and effective utilization of these funds.

As road maintenance, beautification efforts, and community development projects gain momentum, the city is poised for positive transformation. These initiatives not only promise to improve the city’s physical appearance but also create economic opportunities and reduce poverty, aligning with the broader goals of the Parish Development Model program.

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