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Nyege Nyege national committee

Nyege Nyege national committee

Government and Nyege Nyege Festival Organizers Collaborate for 8th Edition (Courtesy photo)

In anticipation of the 8th edition of the Nyege Nyege Festival, a pivotal joint planning meeting was convened, bringing together government officials and festival organizers.

The meeting, hosted at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity, set the stage for the upcoming festival, scheduled to take place from November 9 to 12 in Jinja City.

The State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rose Lilly Akello, presided over the meeting, which saw the participation of various stakeholders, including Uganda Breweries Limited, the festival’s primary sponsor, Nyege Nyege, Talent Africa, Busoga Kingdom, Uganda Police, and the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, among others.

While specific details of the meeting remain relatively confidential, sources present at the gathering have indicated that discussions primarily revolved around reviewing the previous year’s festival, with a particular emphasis on areas such as security and ethical concerns.

Additionally, participants deliberated on strategies to enhance this year’s festival experience. Notably, the festival is set to span nearly 50 acres, encompassing the Source of the Nile, Jinja showgrounds, Jinja Golf Course, and Source Gardens in Jinja City.

During the meeting, an important development emerged as stakeholders established a “national organizing committee” for the festival. This committee is slated to convene its inaugural meeting in the coming week, with the objective of jointly organizing, enhancing, and amplifying the festival’s already notable positive socio-economic influence on Ugandans.

The Nyege Nyege Festival, an annual event, continues to draw thousands of attendees, both from Uganda and abroad, to the picturesque shores of the River Nile. This event has not only solidified Uganda’s reputation as a vibrant party and hospitality destination but has also introduced tourists to various other travel destinations within the country.

The festival’s organizers reported remarkable attendance figures in recent years. In 2019, the festival attracted approximately 13,000 attendees, including 4,000 from outside Uganda. By 2022, the numbers had swelled to around 15,000 attendees, with 10,000 Ugandans, 3,000 Kenyans, and 2,000 international guests.

Beyond the revenues generated through fees, permits, and taxes paid to the government and the city, the festival plays a vital role in directly benefiting numerous hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, and camps in and around Jinja. Furthermore, the event provides employment opportunities to locals, whether through direct or indirect means, including roles as parking attendants, accredited guides, transporters (Boda Bodas and car hire), and suppliers of both raw and cooked food.

In essence, the Nyege Nyege Festival serves as a dynamic economic catalyst for the region, contributing to the growth of the local tourism and hospitality sectors while fostering positive socio-economic impacts on the communities it touches. The collaborative efforts between the government and festival organizers signify a commitment to further elevate the festival’s significance on both national and international stages.

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