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U.S citizens advised not to attend Nyege Nyege

U.S citizens advised not to attend Nyege Nyege

The festival brings together party lovers of different races (Courtesy photo)

In light of recent security concerns raised by the U.S. Embassy in Kampala, the upcoming Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja, scheduled from November 9-12, 2023, is under scrutiny as authorities advise U.S. citizens to reconsider attending. The cautionary message stems from increased terrorist activity in the region, prompted by a tragic incident at Queen Elizabeth National Game Park, where tourists and their Ugandan driver fell victim to a suspected terrorist group.

Analyzing the security threat

The security threat analysis suggests a need for heightened vigilance, not only at the festival grounds but also in various public spaces in both Kampala and Jinja. Recent incidents indicate potential risks associated with large public gatherings, prompting authorities to advise against attendance at events such as worship services, music festivals, and cultural gatherings. The security advisory extends to locations frequently visited by people, including hotels, malls, and marketplaces.

Recommendations for U.S. Citizens

As a response to the security concerns, U.S. citizens are urged to take specific precautions:

  1. Stay Alert in Tourist-Frequented Areas: Exercise heightened awareness in locations commonly visited by tourists to minimize potential risks.
  2. Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP): Registering with STEP provides U.S. citizens with timely information and alerts, facilitating easier communication and assistance in case of emergencies overseas.
  3. Social Media Monitoring: Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates and advisories related to the security situation in Uganda.
  4. Visit Stay informed by regularly checking the official travel website for the latest travel advisories and guidelines.

While the Nyege Nyege festival in Jinja has been a cultural highlight, they believe the prevailing security landscape calls for careful consideration by U.S. citizens.

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