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Prime minister Robinah Nabbanja on her first 100 days in office.

The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has vowed to crush ‘mafia’ who want to take advantage of tax payers money.

Nabbanja said that she is action oriented and no one will scare her or stand in her way as she leads government business in her tenure.

Nabbanja made these remarks in her appearance on NBS Eagle on Sunday evening, as she reflected on her first 100 days in office.

“I want to assure you that no one will scare us. I will call a spade a spade, and a spoon a spoon. Do not joke with the prime minister,” Nabbanja said.

Nabbanja said that she loves siding with the truth, and thanked President Museveni for trusting her with the role to serve the country.

She vowed to deal with anyone with a big appetite for public funds.

While many commented on her appointment as ‘tokenistic’, Nabbanja, while presenting her scorecard on NBS Television said that she is a hard worker who fully earned her position.

Nabbanja said that on a scale of one hundred (100) percent, she has achieved at least ninety (90) percent of all the expectations.

“If I am to rate myself out of 100%, I will give myself 90% because I have executed most of the president’s directives,” Nabbanja said.

She said that her tenure will be one that is action and that she will go all the way and prove her doubters wrong.

“I play 90 minutes, and I have just started,” she said borrowing an analogy from football.


Asked to point out some of her achievements so far, Nabbanja said that she has done quiet a number of things already, key among which include taking government’s legislative agenda on the floor of Parliament in time.

“I took the government’s legislative agenda to Parliament on 12th July, and the opposition brought theirs in September. By the time they brought theirs, we had already started executing ours,” Nabbanja said.

Nabbanja distanced her self from the Covid-19 relief cash mess, saying her duty was policy formation and the implementation was not hers.

Parliament recently discovered that the first recipient of the Covid-19 relief funds was an impersonator of a boda boda cyclist.

“I singlehandedly took the information of people who received the relief fund to the floor of Parliament and instructed the House to investigate whether the money was given to the right people,” she said.

Nabbanja said she was not supposed to verify the people who were supposed to get the relief fund.

“All I did was get the name from the system,” she said.

From Nile Post.

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