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S. Sudan, Uganda unveil joint cargo monitoring.

S. Sudan, Uganda unveil joint cargo monitoring.

In a move aimed at bolstering trade efficiency, Africano Mande, the Commissioner General of the South Sudan Revenue Authority (SSRA), recently engaged in discussions with his counterpart, John R. Musinguzi, the Commissioner General of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). The focus of their meeting at the URA headquarters in Nakawa was the implementation of a new cargo monitoring system.

Mande disclosed a groundbreaking collaboration between SSRA and INVESCO, a technology company set to provide cutting-edge cargo-tracking solutions.

Expressing concerns about lower-than-expected Customs collections, Mande emphasized the need for decisive measures to enhance revenue. He expressed confidence in INVESCO’s services, stating, “Invesco’s services will help us improve collections and even exceed our targets.”

The key aspect of this collaboration is the incorporation of cargo tracking technology, with the intention to glean insights from URA’s experience and seamlessly integrate with their existing system. URA, which utilizes the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) for monitoring goods in transit, has been a pivotal player in fostering effective cargo management.

John Musinguzi, in his remarks during the meeting, emphasized the importance of leveraging technology for its intended purpose, specifically to enhance the administration and management of cargo. He highlighted the history of collaboration between the two revenue authorities, underscoring their openness to system integration.

The South Sudanese Ambassador to Uganda, Simon Juach Deng, attended the meeting, reaffirming his country’s commitment to supporting Uganda in trade facilitation efforts. This diplomatic nod further solidifies the partnership between the two nations.

The collaboration between URA and SSRA extends beyond this recent development.

Last year, the authorities signed a bilateral agreement, solidifying their commitment to ongoing cooperation on various trade facilitation projects. As a result of these joint initiatives, trade between South Sudan and Uganda has experienced a notable upswing, with South Sudan now ranking as Uganda’s second-most popular export destination in East Africa.

This strategic move is poised not only to streamline cargo monitoring processes but also to significantly contribute to the economic growth and trade facilitation between South Sudan and Uganda.

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