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URA takes over Gulu logistics hub

URA takes over Gulu logistics hub

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The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is set to take over the operational reins of the Gulu Logistics Hub (GLH), a crucial infrastructural asset in Northern Uganda. The move comes as a result of deliberations between URA’s Customs Department and the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC), aiming to optimize the hub’s potential for enhancing cargo transportation efficiency.

Initially conceptualized as a partnership between private operators and the government under the Public Private Partnerships framework, the GLH faced operational uncertainties due to URC’s financial constraints in managing the Inland Container Depot (ICD) component of the hub.

However, recent discussions have seen a shift in strategy, with URA stepping in to leverage the GLH’s capabilities as a Regional Custom Designated Area (RCDA). This strategic realignment aims to establish the hub as a customs one-stop center, streamlining trade facilitation processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

The decision, endorsed by the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury, Ramathan Ggoobi, underscores the government’s commitment to maximizing the hub’s potential while addressing operational challenges. By entrusting URA with the management of the GLH, the government aims to consolidate regulatory oversight and optimize resource allocation for sustained operational excellence.

Key stakeholders, including URC’s Managing Director David Musoke Bulega, have raised pertinent questions regarding the implications of URA’s assumption of control, particularly concerning operational costs and asset management. Martin Ntabaazi, URA’s Manager of Corporate Services, emphasized the necessity of full asset transfer to ensure effective maintenance and operational oversight, signaling a shift towards centralized management and accountability.

With the resolution to transfer management mandate to URA, accompanied by the commitment to bear all associated costs, the government underscores its determination to revitalize the GLH as a strategic logistics asset. The transition marks a pivotal moment in Northern Uganda’s infrastructural development, promising enhanced trade facilitation and economic growth opportunities for the region.

As the GLH transitions under URA’s stewardship, stakeholders anticipate tangible benefits in terms of streamlined customs procedures, improved cargo handling efficiency, and enhanced regulatory compliance. The move reflects a broader government agenda to enhance trade infrastructure and bolster Uganda’s position as a regional trade hub.

In conclusion, the decision to entrust URA with the management of the Gulu Logistics Hub signals a paradigm shift in operational strategy, aimed at harnessing the hub’s full potential for driving economic growth and facilitating trade in Northern Uganda.

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