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UCC goes online for all radio frequency spectrum processes and services.

UCC goes online for all radio frequency spectrum processes and services.

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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has taken a significant leap towards modernizing its communications sector by mandating the migration of all radio frequency spectrum processes and services to an online web portal.

Effective October 2023, stakeholders are required to exclusively utilize the Commission’s new online portal,, for all notifications, submissions, and management of the radio frequency spectrum in Uganda.

This transformation, driven by the Uganda Communications Act 2013, positions the UCC as a pioneer in adopting digital solutions for regulatory processes in the telecommunications, broadcasting, radio communications, postal communications, data communications, and infrastructure sectors.

Key Applicable Processes on the Online Portal

The transition to the online portal encompasses several crucial processes, streamlining and enhancing communication between the Commission and its stakeholders:

  1. Applying for a Frequency and Radio Frequency Spectrum Authorization: This process allows entities to request new or amended radio frequency spectrum authorizations, vital for operating radio stations and apparatus within Uganda.
  2. Renewal and Variation Requests: Stakeholders can now apply for renewals or variations of their Radio Frequency Spectrum Authorizations online, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process.
  3. Approval of Technical Parameter Changes: Any changes to authorized technical parameters for radio station or apparatus operation can be submitted and approved digitally through the portal.
  4. Interference Reporting: Reporting and addressing radio communications interference will be easier, with stakeholders now able to submit reports online, ensuring swift resolution.
  5. Compliance Updates: The portal facilitates the updating and reporting of radio stations’ compliance with obligations outlined in their Radio Frequency Spectrum Authorizations.

Radio Communications Services Affected by the Transition

The migration to the online portal applies to a wide range of radio communications services, ensuring that all sectors benefit from this digital transformation:

  1. Two-way Radiocommunication Services: This category covers Fixed Radio, Mobile Radio, Handheld, and Alarm systems, allowing for streamlined authorization and management processes.
  2. Aeronautical Services: All Aircraft radiocommunications systems will now be managed through the portal, ensuring aviation safety and communication efficiency.
  3. Maritime Services: Water vessels, ships, boats, and ferries will use the online portal to manage their radio communications, improving maritime safety and coordination.
  4. Satellite Services: Earth Stations and user terminals, such as VSAT and Broadband Global Area Network terminals, will benefit from the digitalization of their authorization and management processes.
  5. Amateur Two-way Radio Services: The transition to the online portal will enhance the management of all amateur radio services, fostering a robust amateur radio community.

This pioneering move by the Uganda Communications Commission aligns with global trends in digitalization and regulatory efficiency. It is expected to significantly reduce administrative burdens, improve communication between the Commission and stakeholders, and enhance the overall management of radio frequency spectrum resources in Uganda.

Stakeholders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new online portal,, to ensure a smooth transition and continued compliance with regulatory requirements.

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