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Uganda coffee industry expands reach to China.

Uganda coffee industry expands reach to China.

Jointek Food Supply Chain warehouse houses Ugandan coffee in China (Courtesy photo)

The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has embarked on a promising partnership with Jointek Food Supply Chain, a leading distributor in China.

The collaborative effort aims to unlock new horizons for Ugandan coffee in the vast Chinese market, while also establishing a robust warehousing and distribution network.

The UCDA team recently held productive discussions with Jointek Food Supply Chain, a prominent player in China’s food supply chain industry. Jointek’s strategic warehouse location near the world’s 5th largest port positions it as a pivotal partner for the UCDA.

The primary objective of this partnership is to enhance the warehousing and distribution capabilities for Ugandan coffee exporters not only in mainland China but also beyond.

One of the key highlights of the discussions was Jointek’s plans to develop an industrial park in close proximity to its warehouse.

This industrial park presents an exciting opportunity for Uganda to establish its own coffee roasting facilities within this prime location. Such facilities would enable Uganda to process its coffee beans closer to the Chinese market, ensuring freshness and quality that appeals to Chinese consumers.

Jointek Food Supply Chain’s strategic location near the bustling port offers unparalleled logistical advantages.

It ensures that Ugandan coffee can be efficiently distributed not only within China but also to other parts of the world, enhancing Uganda’s global coffee footprint.

As this collaboration unfolds, it promises to bring forth a fruitful exchange of culture, taste, and opportunities between Uganda and China, bridging the gap between these two nations through the shared love of coffee.

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