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World Bank injects Shs4 billion in Kamwenge Sports Complex.

The changing blocks for both male and female sports personalities. (Courtesy photo)

In a significant stride towards enhancing the recreational infrastructure and promoting community integration, a state-of-the-art multipurpose sports complex, with a budget of Shs4 billion, is nearing completion in Kamwenge, a South Western district in Uganda. This ambitious project, funded by the World Bank under its refugee intervention program, aims to foster unity among the host community, refugees, and visitors while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The soon-to-be-commissioned sports complex is supervised by the local government and boasts of a football field, netball and volleyball courts, and an athletics track.

Annet Kobusingye, the district engineer, expressed her enthusiasm about the project’s potential. She explained, “This play field is going to cost us Shs4 billion in terms of the contract sum, including the variations that have been considered. It has a football pitch, an athletics runway, and a netball court, among others.”

Beyond sports facilities, the Kamwenge sports complex will also include modern health facilities. This multifunctional infrastructure is intended to benefit not only the local community but also refugees and other visitors to the region.

Two blocks will serve as changing rooms for sports teams, accompanied by two sets of bathrooms and convenience spaces. The parking lot, with space for 30 vehicles and five buses, ensures accessibility for a large audience.

The funding for this ambitious project comes from the World Bank’s commitment of $60 million towards recreational interventions under the refugee window.

Kamwenge is not alone in its efforts to improve living conditions and promote integration. Ten additional districts hosting refugees, including Terego, Obongi, and Yumbe, are implementing various projects such as community roads, markets, and resource centers.

As the commissioning date in November approaches, Kamwenge’s new sports complex stands as a symbol of hope, unity, and progress.

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