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The new President of CNOOC Uganda Limited, Mr. Liu Xaingdong (L) poses with Mr. Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (R)

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CNOOC Uganda’s new president pays courtesy call to the ED-PAU

CNOOC Uganda’s new president pays courtesy call to the ED-PAU

In a significant development, the new President of CNOOC Uganda Limited (CUL), Mr. Liu Xaingdong, visited Mr. Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU), to extend a courtesy call. Accompanying Mr. Xaingdong was the outgoing President of CUL, Mr. Chen Zhuobiao, who has held the position since September 2020.

Mr. Xiangdong brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Previously, he served as the Head of the Development and Production department at CUL from 2011 to 2015. Following this, he assumed the role of Vice President at CNOOC International until May 2023. With his extensive background in the industry, Mr. Xiangdong is well-equipped to guide CUL through its upcoming endeavours in the Ugandan petroleum sector.

The meeting between Mr. Xiangdong, Mr. Zhuobiao, and Mr. Rubondo held immense significance, highlighting the strong ties between CUL and the Petroleum Authority of Uganda. Discussions centered around the future of Uganda’s petroleum sector, emphasizing collaboration, and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

As CUL transitions its leadership, the visit symbolized a seamless handover between Mr. Zhuobiao and Mr. Xiangdong. It also demonstrated CUL’s commitment to continued growth and progress in Uganda’s oil and gas industry. The Petroleum Authority of Uganda, responsible for regulating and promoting the sector, plays a crucial role in facilitating such advancements and ensuring the country’s energy future remains robust.

The courtesy call concluded on a positive note, with both parties expressing optimism about future prospects and reaffirming their commitment to achieving shared goals. The new leadership at CUL, led by Mr. Liu Xiangdong, is poised to lead the company towards greater success, capitalizing on Uganda’s vast petroleum reserves and contributing to the country’s economic development.

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